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Video Download for the general public

Official Release Date – April 15, 2019

Video on Demand Available Here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/aforceinnature

Education License – Colleges & Museums

Educational License – Museums and Colleges (Includes public performance rights) – $353 (includes shipping)



Education License – Charity

Educational License – Charitable Organizations and High Schools (Includes public performance rights) – $253 (includes shipping)


Costs which include Public Performance Rights are as follows:

1. Educational License for Universities and Museums (Blu-ray or DVD) – $350

2. Educational License for High Schools & Volunteer Organizations (Blu-ray or DVD) – $250

3. Individuals & Public Libraries (Blu-ray or DVD) – $14.99**

4. Video on DemandPurchase$14.99 / Rental$4.99

**Please note that the individual purchase price does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. It is for home viewing purposes only. Will be available April 2019.



Hayden de Maisoneuve Yates (Co-Executive Producer and Director)


Vishwanand “V.” Shetti (Co-Executive Producer and Editor)

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