Blood, Sweat, and Steel

Jóhann is relentless. The blood is a reminder to all of us how alive he is at 91.



The Joy of Identity – a brilliant new work by Jóhann Eyfells

This is Jóhann Eyfells’ best work, according to Jóhann himself. Two entirely different natures brought together in a harmonious way.

“I can’t imagine a more successful combination of two unlikely existences.” Jóhann Eyfells


The Opposite of Murphy’s Law

The life and work of Jóhann Eyfells is a constant reminder that “if something can go right, it will go right.” Since the first day I met with my friend Jóhann, almost nine years ago, my life has taken a whole new meaning, and for the better, without a doubt.

JEyfells2See this teaser, A Force in Nature (password: spirals), a feature length documentary film looking at the life and work of Jóhann Eyfells.