Jóhann Eyfells Sculpture Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The Tree

The large Mesquite tree in Jóhann’s yard holds a 100 year secret, and it seems that Jóhann himself deeply identifies with it. This and other anecdotal moments are what makes this film such a pleasure to work on.

100 year old tree (photo by Hayden de M. Yates)


Jóhann Eyfells

Feb.26, 2012 – We filmed all of last weekend at Jóhann’s ranch near Fredericksburg, Texas. It was a very successful shoot. The lighting, the shots, the interview…great! We are now in the midst of assembling what has so far been shot. It’s exciting for me now, since I have Vishwanand Shetti (Editor) and Sherryl Brown (Associate Producer) on my team. I feel we are in a state of perpetual motion and the momentum is picking up. It’s quite gratifying to say the least, especially since I’ve been on my own with this project for close to 6 years.

The film is about 85% shot, in which the remaining 15% will be filmed in Iceland, sometime during the Summer Solstice.

Jóhann Eyfells