A New Perspective by Jóhann Eyfells

“If you ask a scientist today why the solar system works the way it does, his only response would probably be because it simply does. There is a word for the solar system in Icelandic which literally means “Circular Nonsense.” This acceptance of nonsense or unexplained events around us is the basis of faith. Even though it is nonsense, we have to have faith in it, in order to enjoy it. Chaos and delirium are necessary, for we should accept them for what they are. They are simply things without an end product or result.

My fundamental questions to people are, does infinity have to have a starting point? Are beginnings the opposite of infinity? Is everything made of two halves?

In my new piece, Plus and Minus Zero, it’s hard to distinguish between a Creator/Super Author and a product. It’s a synthesis of contrast. The eternal synthesis of the infinite past with the infinite future. It’s the strangest unity in the universe.

We need a new perspective, period.”  Jóhann Eyfells

Johan Spiral3

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